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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Arms in Motion

Lately I've been trying to get her to stay awake during the day after I feed her. 9 times out of 10 she falls asleep before she's finished eating, and I lay her down and she sleeps for at least 3 hours. Today she went to work with me, and she did so well. I was so proud. I don't know what I expected her to do. I don't want to jinx it, but she's so good. John and I both agree that we expected more crying. Maybe they don't really get attitude until they get a little older, and all newborns are this serene?
She makes the nighttime feedings so easy. I wake up all groggy, and I look at her, and her face is so sweet, I just have to smile. I honestly never expected to love her so much so quickly.
Her umbilical cord fell off, and her pediatrician said something about "tummy time" and in an effort to keep her awake this evening I got out this little mat, and laid her on her tummy. Then I just started laughing because she just squirmed around on her elbows, and rubbed her nose back and forth on the fabric. I'm not sure but my mother's intuition (not sure I really have mother's intuition yet, I just like saying it and thinking that I have it) says that she's too little, or too young or just not strong enough yet for "tummy time."
My hormones could be getting the best of me, but I just have to tell you that I couldn't be happier. It's as if everyting I have done so far has prepared me for this. Motherhood feels much more natural than I expected.



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