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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nearly One

Time for more advice seeking. All sorts of things are supposed to change once she turns one, and I'm wondering how it all works exactly.

Like the formula for example. We are almost out of formula and she is now 11 and a half months. Do we buy more because she's not officially one or do we buy more until she has her one year checkup and the doctor gives his o.k.? If it's ok to switch now, do we do it all at once, or give her formula and milk for a day or two and then straight milk? When she starts getting milk all the time, do I need to pay a whole lot more attention to her fruit and vegetable intake since she might be getting less vitamins and minerals? Is it worth the money for the organic milk? She drinks the formula warm. Do I have to warm up the milk? Is that safe?

Then there's the sippy cup. I think we won't have a problem with that, we have a couple and she does o.k. with them. Melissa said she switched to milk and a sippy cup at the same time. Is this what everyone does? Do you do this on her first birthday or the day after? Also the sippy cups have numbers on them. So far I have bought number 3. Will she graduate to something else in the sippy cup world? I bought an insulated sippy cup, how well do these work?

Then there's all sorts of food she could possibly eat now. She can all of a sudden magically at one eat honey and citrus and egg whites and peanut butter?

More questions about the crib. Can she sleep with a blanket now? What about a stuffed animal or glow worm? When do I put the crib bumper back on?

One last question about the car seat. They suggest if you can to keep the baby facing backwards for as long as possible. Does anyone keep their baby facing backward after they turn one? Anyone suggest a good car seat to purchase? Does everyone buy two; one for the mom's car and one for the dad's car?

I thank you in advance for any and all comments and suggestions.



  • At 1:40 PM, December 15, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ok, I'm responding confidentially...promise not to call DFS on me! Lou was drinking whole milk by 11 1/2 months. Valerie was drinking it by 10 1/2 months. The girls spit up non-stop on formula but as soon as I switched them wha-la no more spit up! With Lou, we did a gradual switch, but with Val it was all at once. Also, Louise had a hard time drinking milk out of a sippy cup so for the past month we gave her milk in a bottle in the morning and evening, but now it's all sippy cup. I also warm up her milk and that has helped. Before Louise was drinking regular milk we bought organic for Valerie because I was told by my hairdresser that there have been reports of girls at the age of 6 showing nipple buds and other signs of puberty, but now that we're going through about 2 gallons per week, we went back to buying the regular stuff. =(

    We turned their seats around the moment that they turned one and Louise has been sleeping with an afghan in her bed since it's turned cold--I figure that afghans have holes in them, less chance of suffication, right?

    I think you're okay to try all of the foods that you mentioned as you know that there are no known allergies for those in your families--if there are, consult your doc.

    Can't believe that the first year is already gone, can you? It goes faster than the pregnancy!

  • At 8:22 PM, December 15, 2008, Blogger happylaney said…

    Thanks Cori. Amanda talked us into buying more formula, but this is the last purchase for sure (until next year. =() I wonder if organic milk is cheaper than formula? Looking forward to turning the seat around, and feeding her sorts of new foods. She doesn't like too many proteins lately, so I'm hoping she'll like peanut butter.

  • At 12:47 PM, December 17, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We turned the carseats around at about 10 months. I think we waited until Norah turned one- but with three other kids in the car it was more fun to sit backwards!
    I can't imagine putting a kid to bed in a crib without a bumper- so I've always used a bumper and have always used a blanket- I think once they can move around on their own then stuff in the crib is okay-I'm not big on lots of soft things in there but I remember putting some toys in the crib in hopes of playing for a few minutes with Tom and Hannah.
    All four were off the bottle by a few weeks after turning one. I remember Joe giving Hannah a sippy cup before bed and realizing that the bottle was something I was holding on to and not her... I was glad to be done with the bottle but I know a lot of people keep the bottle for a long time after turning one...

    Can you even believe it's been a year!?! --Amanda

  • At 12:31 PM, December 19, 2008, Anonymous April Bustillos said…

    Hi Elaine!
    I kept all my boys on formula until they were 1 year old...then the WIC people would give me vouchers for milk, so I just switched them at once. With Joaquin, I took him off the bottle and the boob, and gave him milk in a sippy, and it took to it just fine. My second took a little longer, but he's now stealing his brother's cups all the time! I never heated up the milk, and they never seemed to mind. The hardest thing about giving my second one whole milk for the first year (from 1 to 2) was that he would steal his brother's milk (which is 2%) and vice versa...so I didn't really push the issue with AJ. I made a big deal on their birthday that they got to use a sippy cup now, that they were becoming such big boys! I do have some insulated cups, and I would just buy the cheaper ones, they are ok, but not much more than that (in my opinion).
    As for the food, I would try them out one at a time. Friends of ours didn't have any food allergies, and their 3 child is severely allergic to nuts...found that out one night when she was having trouble breathing, so I would take it one at a time. Just in case! As for peanut butter, they tell me here that I have to wait until AJ is 2 before I give him any...don't know why they keep changing the age on that one, but it is what it is!
    As for the crib bumpers, I take them off when they can move around in the crib (roll over and stuff) and leave them off. Mine have a tendency to use the bumper as a lift to get out of the crib! So I just leave it off so they don't heave themselves out of the crib.
    As for the car seat, I usually had mine turned around when they exceeded the weight limit to be placed backwards. That's usually at 10 months for both of them. I got tired of listening to them complain about their legs being all scrunched up, so they got turned around! We are currently using Graco seats in our car...all three of our car seats are Graco, and they are pretty good. The one that AJ is in can be placed backwards, or forwards, so that may help you out...and it's not an infant seat.
    I have always put my boys to sleep with blankets in the crib. I do use those blanket sleepers, but even my baby is growing out of those at 3 months, and they're supposed to be big enough for a 9 month old!! ;) I try and keep toys out since they don't really need to play in there, but if it's a stuffed animal that they can't live without, then I let them sleep with it.
    As for buying more than one car seat, we just buy one. I can't see putting 3 kids in car seats in a Mustang. :) So we just have the momma van, and leave all the car seats in there. If we ever do have to take the kids in the mustang, their seats are WAY easier to put in with the seatbelt than the infant seat is, so we just do that. Hope I helped out a little! Congrats on the second little girl! That's great news! :)


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