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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two of a Kind Working on a Full House

I have lots of stuff to share with you, trips, and all, but this is what I can't stop thinking about. =) I'm 14 weeks along already, which is great. Our life sure will be different, I'm sure, but I'm ready. Cecilia and Charlotte bring me so much joy (a few grey hairs too) and I'm sure this little person will just add to the love in this house. Cecilia has mixed feelings already. She plays with babies a lot, so I think she'll be a great helper. She asked me today if the baby was doing ok. Cute. Every once in a while she asks me why we need three babies, and I just tell her three babies sounds like even more fun. It's very important to me that she doesn't feel slighted. Charlotte really doesn't understand, which is ok, she won't know any different. Here we go. Wheeee!!!

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