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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sequence of Events

Well, I almost blew the whole NaBloPoMo thing yesterday. We ran all around and then watched the Mizzou game, and I didn't think once about blogging until we got home last night. Our clock said 12:00p.m., the clock on the computer said 12:02 p.m., but luckily for me blogger is behind and I got one crappy line in at 11:59 p.m. and that's really all I needed. I would have been bummed to ruin it, especially after I asked Becky to blog for me on Thursday. (thanks, Beck.) So, after watching that much anticipated and highly exciting game last night, John can finally wrap his head around something else, so we are working big time today on the nursery. And, since my blogging yesterday was crappy, I hope to give you many updates throughout the day of some of our progress.
The first picture is of the baby's room; clean slate. The next picture is of the extremely light colored green John is painting the diagonal part of the ceiling. Next up is the purchasing and putting together of the baby's crib and changing table, and more painting. John is doing all the painting since I'm not supposed to smell the fumes, but it's weird to not be working together. We do everything together, sometimes much to his chagrin.

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