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Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Year's Eve

Sara and Chuck and their 2 boys Char and Alaric came up for New Years Eve and spent the night. I will have so say I was nervous about making it until midnight, but John and Sara and I made it until 2 a.m., and I wasn't even drunk. We had a great time, and so did Cecilia. Their boys are so cute with her. When they left in the morning, we stood at the front door and waved goodbye and watched them pull away and I closed the door, and Cecilia cried and pointed to the door. It was as if she was sad they were leaving, which made my heart melt. That is the first and only time I have seen her display emotion about anyone other than John and I. It's so good that they get along, sometimes it hard to have friends where the parents get along and the kids get along too.

Happy New Year Everyone, 17 days late.

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