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Monday, June 22, 2009

Breath of Fresh Air

Charlotte 7 weeks (swaddled), Gabriel 4, Jack 2, and Cecilia 17 months
Cecilia and Jack

me, "John John," Cecilia and John with an owl at the Children's Zoo

Heather and her boys, Gabriel and Jack came to visit, and we crammed in as much together time as possible. We had a behind the scenes tour of the Children's Zoo where Cecilia petted a snake, this owl, an armidillo and all sorts of other fun creatures. We went to the park, Cecilia went in her first bounce house thing, we swam in Christy's pool, and Heather spent the night and did Charlotte duty. We had a great time, Cecilia cried when they left, and I think I did too. Heather got us a cleaning crew to help with our newborn, and they came today and spiffed, and shined our entire first floor. It's very exciting and I'm not being facetious. I'm very excited to have a clean house. Now I have time to blog, or I should anyway. =)

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