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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Just Someone That I Used to Know

I used to know someone who had fairly poor English skills and at the beginning I used to correct her, but when she never corrected herself and weeks went by, I stopped correcting her too. Instead I started a list of all the things she said wrong, to help keep my sanity.

I don't see this person anymore, so I have no need for this list except to share it with you so maybe you can giggle too.

Rubix Tuesday = Ruby Tuesday
immaculant = immaculate
potenant = potent
cypher = siphon
sift = sieve
pacifically = specifically
verly = barely or maybe rarely
grovelled = groped
mole-lick = mullet
ideal = idea
media = median
amarillo = amaretto
flustrated = flustered or frustrated
borned = born
chest = chess
Vie-eeny weenies = Vienna Wieners



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