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Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Heart is Drenched in WIne

It's been 25 days. 25 pretty hard days. Everything I usually post all seems trivial now. Here I sit, in front of the computer, trying hard to avoid telling you my bad news. My brother-in-law, Brant, is gone. It happened two Thursdays ago, and we flew out there with the girls on that Friday. I'm sure you all have read his blog, or heard me talk about him. Can't hardly believe someone my age, someone I knew, has died from cancer. Such a horrible disease. Can't hardly fathom Melissa's pain and Will's loss.

They served Yellow Tail Merlot at their wedding in North Carolina, so many years ago, and I brought a bottle home with us from that trip, thinking it would be fun or funny to drink with them sometime when they came back to visit. On a fluke I came across that bottle of wine yesterday and so John and I toasted tonight with that bottle of 2001 Yellow Tail Merlot. We toasted to a great man, and peace to Melissa and Will. I thought the wine would taste awful, but instead it wasn't over the hill. Hmmm... Brant still had so much life to live.

If you could please close your eyes, and say a prayer for Melissa and Will, and everyone who was touched by such a "larger than life" man. Let the Lord guide them through this hard time and throughout their lives.

This picture was taken in July 2004.

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