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Monday, November 01, 2010


Can't believe I'm doing nablopomo (national blog posting month) since my blogging has been so infrequent, but maybe this will put me in the mood, or force me to find time for it. I have tons of blog posts in my head, still thinking like I have a blog, just not much time to share it all. Pictures from Halloween is as good a place to start as ever. This year Cecilia was Nemo and Charlotte was a cat. We had an outstanding time at my brother, Matt's, house. Their whole neighborhood really goes all out for Halloween. Made the night very special, minus the shrub that scared Cecilia half to death that she is still talking about. Charlotte didn't seem to mind the outfit near as much as I imagined, so it was a success all the way around. Oh, yeah, and the candy, tons of candy. What a great holiday.

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