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Sunday, December 31, 2006

I rode the bus to school for 13 years. I lived further away from my high school than anyone else who attended. I one time calculated that I had spent something like 2/3 of a year on the bus. I was one of the few girls on the bus, and the boys on the bus gave me quite an education, from teaching me how to give the finger in second grade, to explaining to me what a scrotum was in sixth grade, to teaching me how to play pitch in high school. The guys on my bus were less than cool. They were grungy before grunge was cool. But they were funny, and entertaining, and hey, I was with them for two hours a day. I haven't thought about those guys for a long time until I saw this snack truck the other day. One of the guys, Pete, had moved from Montana, and he was into horses. He smelled like fried chicken. His real first name was Darwin. His last name was...Steinmetz. Wonder what those boys are up to now?



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