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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Last month I took a photography class through Forest Park Community College. It was a 4 week class about Photographing Children. I was actually looking for a Photshop class, but came across this one in the book and thought it might appeal to me. It was a great class, but I was the only one in the class without a child of my own to photograph, so I borrow other's kids. One of the things I did outside of class, was send the same pictures to 4 different developing stores to see which one developed the best pictures. I found Snapfish and Costco without the white border to be the best. I also think I like glossy finish as opposed to matte. I thought Walgreens was the worst. The teacher gave us the name of a couple professional developing places in town, and I'm anxious to take these pictures there also.



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