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Monday, November 26, 2007

Second Shower

There was a second shower thrown for me and the baby, and man did we make out with some good stuff. I was and still am overwhelmed by everyone's generousity. It was a very memorable day.
These are two pictures Amanda supplied. Both these gifts are from Aunt Linda. The one on the left is a hand crocheted baby blanket made out of the softest white yarn, and the picture on the right is of the bouncing baby holder thing.
My face is flush because I was surrounded by gifts and children, and friends, and it was a warm day for November, and I'm pregnant which means I am a million degrees at all times. There are times when John is more cold than I, and that, my friends, is SO strange. I'm the one who is cold in the middle of summer. He's the one turning on the air conditioner in the car in February. I think sometimes he's wondered what I've done with his wife.

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