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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sewing the Seeds of Love

Cecilia in the cat bed, January 2009, 13 months old
William in the dog bed, March 2007, ~13 months old

I've been thinking a lot about Melissa and Brant and William. Brant was diagnosed a couple weeks ago with stage 4 cancer, and he has already started chemotherapy. It's hard not to think about him, worry for him and his family, pray for him. He started a website so we can keep up with his progress without calling 50 times a week, and so that he doesn't have to retell the same story 250 times a week. He could use some good vibes sent out to him in the Bay Area.
I find these pictures so interesting because they are so similar. The first one John took just a few days ago and the second one I took almost 2 years ago, but the idea is the same. I remember when I was out there visiting Melissa shared with me that she was tired of William grunting at her and pointing at stuff, and would be happy when he could say a few words. That's exactly how I feel on an everyday basis. I'm ready for her to talk a tiny bit. I'm also ready for her to eat more things than just cheddar cheese and grapes. O.k., there's a few other foods in there, but most things she hates. I try to offer her new foods at almost every meal; apples, pears, baked potato, green beans. She's not going for it. I keep telling myself this is a phase and someday sometime somewhere along the way she's going to eat something different, and maybe years from now she'll eat all sorts of goodies. I believe this to be true. Don't you dare tell me some kids are just picky eaters and she may never like very many foods. I won't hear of it.

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