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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Send This Smile Over To You

Becky and her fam were there for a day at the beach, what a treat! She's heard me talk about Myrtle Beach for years, and I guess I peaked her interest. I had to share with her our secret that we don't really stay on Myrtle Beach, we stay at the Garden City Beach, or this year at the Surfside Beach. It's a little bit more family oriented and quiet and picturesque. They came and saw the massive house, hung out on the sand, did some laundry, and we took them to our favorite spot for lunch, Sam's Corner for corn dogs. It was really great to be able to share that part of our world with them. They were only there for one day, though, they were off to more camping in the Smokey Mountains and Jamie Oliver's place somewhere in Ohio.

Two very different vacations met in the middle and made some nice memories. Love ya girl!

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