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Saturday, November 26, 2011

He's a Carpenter

Every time we show our house for sale we get feedback from the Realtor who looked at the house with their customer. Most of the feedback drives me crazy, like one person said we had too many doors closed (?!) and another said our house needed new windows. Most of them rate our house a 3 out of 5, which sends me through the roof. We looked at a bazillion houses in the city before buying this one, and I know that it is a good solid 4. Don't get me started.

We have had two showings since the house has been empty. Empty houses show better, and hopefully sell quicker, so, in theory, our house won't be on the market long now. (fingers crossed) The best part from my view point is that now that we aren't living in the house with two little munchkins, we don't have to scurry around and clean like idiots every time someone calls and wants to see the house in an hour and a half.

The feedback we got on Wednesday from the showing on Monday said this, "It's amazing how this market has paralyzed home sales in this price range, 6 years ago there would've been multiple offers on this house. Such a shame. Buyer liked the additional BR's on the 2nd flr, some concerns though over the structural integrity of the rear porch. I'm hopeful we will take a second look after the holiday." Those were some encouraging words. So, today, John, with the help of my brother, Joe, went to the old house and fixed the back porch. They fixed it, like fixed it, like John doesn't have to lay in bed anymore wide awake worrying about the back porch falling off the house. He's so excited, and I am too. Come on, person, come back and take another look, see the fixed porch and make us an offer!



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