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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Old House

 John and I's bedroom
 the office
 the living room
 the dining room
 the girls' room upstairs
 the kitchen
another view of the kitchen

It's cute!  It's clean!  It's empty!  You want to buy it!?!

How quickly this house went from the place where we live to the "old house."  I kind of hate calling it that, but there's no better way to name it right now.  We did right by this house.  We are leaving it in better shape than when we bought it, and we bought it in darn good shape.  The economy has not done right by us, but if I think too much about that I get angry, and refuse to be considered a victim of anything.  As much as I hate the overused phrase, "It is what it is" that's how I feel about this housing situation that John and I have found ourselves in.  It's not great, we're not happy about it, but it is out of our control.

Anyway, if you know anyone at all that might be interested, send them this link, and tell them there is no cuter house in the city.



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