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Monday, April 16, 2012

Dominic Tries Rice Cereal!

The excitement!  The help!  The mess!

He spit most of it out, but it's a start.  Who ever decided to start with rice cereal anyway?  It tastes terrible!  We're (I'm) ready to move on to more interesting things to eat.  John wants to know when he can have bacon. =)  I've already given him nibbles of potatoes and gravy, a McDonald's hamburger bun, and birthday cake icing.  I have beets sprouting in the garden.  Can't wait for him to try my homemade homegrown beet baby food.  Oh, the nerdy things this foodie gets excited about... At his 4 month check up the (new)(Blah!) doctor said he's small for his size, so we need him to beef up.  I blame it on all that sleeping through the night he's doing.  He's missing feedings, but momma sure does feel rested.  Gonna have to start force feeding him pate, or, um, something like that.  Don't ask, just get excited that he's eating something off a spoon!  Yay!  Next thing you know he's playing his Atari and ignoring me.  What, that doesn't happen anymore?  Leave me alone, you get the drift... "Someone else to catch this drift"  Now I've got you singing that song don't I?

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