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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Love is...

Saturday night didn't start out so good for John. We were supposed to get together with Becky and Brian and Sara and Chuck and Julie for a game night. Becky and Brian couldn't come, and Chuck had to work, but Sara and Julie still wanted to do something. Once John hears neither Chuck nor Brian are coming along, he proclaims he has to have sex with all girls involved or he's not going. Sad face #1. Then we decide to go to the little coffee shop up the street that has live entertainment on the weekends. We walk in and are completely submersed in lesbians. Lesbians singing, playing guitar, playing the keyboard, drinking coffee, swaying to the music. Everywhere you looked there were lesbians. We hurriedly drank our coffee, after I accidentally spilled some of mine on one of the lesbians' kids. (whoops!!) (It was mostly just foam, it wasn't really hot.) John shot me dirty looks every half second, and so we left. When we got back in the car Julie said she wondered on our way into the coffee shop why there were so many bad looking people in that bar. These were not lipstick lesbians, these were 50-60 year old short grey hair lesbians. Sad face of John's #2. From there we headed to my favorite place in St. Louis to go out; 33, which is a wine bar in Lafayette Square. Sara had the tiniest bottle of wine I'd ever seen. John had a beer, which should cancel out the lesbians. Then we went to Square One Brewery where we all had beer. John even ordered chicken wings. Things were looking up for him....until we asked him to go get the car, which was like 10 freezing ass cold blocks away. He didn't even say yes or no, he just hung his head and headed for the door. Sad face #3.

To put the cherry on the top, he was sick all day Sunday. I think he might have had estrogen poisoning.

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