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Saturday, January 27, 2007

White Girls Can't Dance

John and I have new additions to our list. John now likes Shakira after seeing this video. I was already a big fan of the song. We don't see many videos, but we went last weekend to Twisters in Ste. Gen with our bed and breakfast guests for a drink and the bar showed the video. I'm not sure who comes off his list, maybe he can comment on that.

My new addition is

Columbus Short. I saw him in the new movie Stomp the Yard. I tend to have crushes on actual characters in movies, and so once cupid shoots his arrow, I could watch that actor in anything. For example, Daniel Day-Lewis will forever be on my list for his role in Last of the Mohicans. This is one of if not the best movie ever made. The part where he tells her to stay alive and he will find her, no matter what, that got me hook, line and sinker. I also had a huge crush on Tobey Mcguire in Cider House Rules. I liked the story less than I liked his character. I have never seen Columbus Short in anything else, but you can be sure I will be looking for him. I guess maybe John Corbett comes off my list.

The state of the St. Louis City Schools is a sad one. They did send me an Adult Education booklet, and so last Wednesday I went to a Health and Fitness class at one of the local Middle Schools. I could walk to this Middle School if I had too, but it's like 33 degress outside, so I chose not to. It's supposed to be Low Impact Aerobics. The first class was extremely lame, the instructor talked to us for 15 minutes about eating healthy and organic foods, then we did 10 minutes of stretching, and then we ran the steps of the school twice. I figure I'll go one more time next week in the hopes that it gets better. I think the city schools are really missing an opportunity though. I think they should teach a "step" or "stomp" class. Not like you step on and off a step, but instead step like they do it in this movie. There has to be people affiliated with the public school system in the city that can step, right? It does create a funny picture in my head, and I would feel bad for the instructor trying to teach a bunch of white people how to step.

I think Shakira would even throw up her hands in desperation at the sight of my incoordination.

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