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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cheap Entertainment

I know this is a stupid thing to be excited about, but tonight I fed Cecilia asparagus that I grew. That's pretty cool. Without being too much of a hippy, I plan to make as much baby food as possible. And the fact that it came out of my garden is even more exhilirating. I have in ice cube trays in the freezer more asparagus and pears. Pretty exciting.
This picture was taken Friday night when I tried to give her avocado. Tried is the operative word there, because unlike the asparagus that she got tonight, she did not like the avocado. They say that a kid has to try a food 10 times before you can know for sure they do or do not like that food, so here's to more funny faces like this one as she tries avocado 9 more times.

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