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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Matchy Matchy

Saturday we went over to Cori and Steve's beautiful house that is somehow out in the country, but close to a town at the same time. That concept is foreign to me, since the farm where I grew up is so remote, that I just can't comprehend open fields and a 5 minute drive to Walmart. My brain does not compute this idea.
Their daughters are just darling, Valerie pictured in the bottom picture steals the show over there. She has more energy than I do after 5 cups of Starbucks, and she's as cute as can be. Louise in the top picture is about a month (maybe 5 weeks) older than Cecilia, and she's also one of a kind. She has this way of getting around that looks like she is on the slip and slide. And that hair- so adorable.
The middle picture is on Cecilia and Louise together. They had on matching outfits. I guess every girl baby has this outfit right now. Right after I took this picture the camera battery died. So annoying. I'm sure there will be more side by side pictures of Louise to come, but for now you'll have to settle with 2 babies on the floor. This is pretty much the normal view of Cecilia anyway right now.

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