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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dishes in the sink, TV's in repair, Don't look at the floor and Don't go up the stairs

In the last 6 hours I have gone to the Italian grocery store, Target, grocery shopping, came home, dealt with a crabby Cecilia for about an hour until she went to bed early, had dinner with John, Charlotte on his lap, Cecilia on mine, breastfed Charlotte 3 times, tried to feed her zucchini with cereal, watched bits and pieces of Dancing With the Stars Results Show catching both performances by Shakira, cleaned the bathroom, unloaded the dishwasher that John loaded and ran once tonight already and reloaded it, made sweet potato baby food, hung some flowers upside down in the basement to catch the seeds when they dry, and now I'm off to bed while John rocks Charlotte.

Tomorrow we get the new car, and I can't imagine one more thing on my to do list. In order for this car to help this mommy, it should pump it's own gas, or have autopilot, or at the very least scoop some kitty litter, change a diaper, or poke a paci.

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