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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Somewhere in Middle America

Dad and I went to Wisconsin last week and bought 12,000 pounds of cranberries to ferment for next years Cranberry wine and Mary let me put on her hip boots and get in the bog. Have I told you how beautiful Wisconsin is in the fall? Every year I fall more in love with a state that I would have always guessed is just like Missouri. Those coastal state people don't know what they're missing about the middle part of our nation. Shh, don't tell them, it's our little secret.

Guess I won't forget that anytime soon.

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  • At 11:07 PM, October 29, 2009, Blogger Emily said…

    Great picture! Let me know when I can come buy a bottle of that wine. By then I should be able to drink again! :)


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