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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Future Jersey Shore Star

I took these pictures a week and a half ago.  He looks different already to me.  He sleeps like a champ.  He sleeps 7 or 8 hours every night.  Every night.  I know, I can't hardly believe it either.  The girls were always on a strict 3 hour schedule until we sleep trained them both at 6 months.  People would brag to me that their child slept through the night at 9 days or something equally ridiculous and I can remember wanting to punch them in the face, thinking to myself, "that didn't really happen, you just have a blurred memory."  And here I am with a child that sleeps large chunks of time at night, and I am so grateful.  So grateful.  I feel like a human being most mornings.  I am still tired, and my every moment is still super busy, but I get a good nights' sleep and I'm back at it.  There is a downside though, which is a bummer.  He seems fussier during the day.  His poop schedule is off, probably because of his erratic eating patterns because he misses feedings while he sleeps and then is super hungry when he is awake, which also makes it hard to breastfeed him.  I either have too little milk or too much milk at any given minute of any given day because he has either eaten 5 times in 7 hours, or has slept for 7 hours and not eaten anything.  We're working it out though, and I do honestly think that I'd rather have a few more cries during the day and a good nights' rest than do what I did with Cecilia and Charlotte, waking up 3 or more times every night to feed them.  He smiles now, which is super cute.  He looks right at me, usually in the morning, and gives me big grins, and my heart skips a beat every time.  I haven't gotten a picture of that smile, though, because they are few and far between due to his fussiness.

I must have NYC on the brain, and listening to Howard Stern and watching oodles of the Cake Boss helps, but once last week, with a little outfit with a zipper and a onesie on underneath he looked like a little New Jersey guido to me, and once with his little tummy and tight fitting shirt he looked like Ronnie Mund to me, my little tiny old jewish guy.



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