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Friday, December 16, 2011

Blissfully Ignorant

This picture was taken the night before Dominic was born, December 7th, 2011.  Looks how cute and innocent I look.    Remember when I said that I thought being pregnant was worse than having a new born?  How naive of me.  How special.  How idiotic.  Here I sit 8 days later, feeling the weight of a newborn child hit our life like a ton of bricks.  And he only weighs 7 and a half pounds!  To be fair, it's not really right to blame Dominic.  He's cute and sweet and just doing what newborns do.  He can be fun and the girls just adore him and can't keep their hands off him.  Here's how my life is shaping up right about now.  (funk soul brother)

1.  I have a terrible cold.  I lost my voice most of the time I was in the hospital, with people visiting and nurses asking me questions, and family members calling on the phone, my voice was being most annoying.  I went to the clinic yesterday (what a day that was) convinced I had a sinus infection, but no, I only have the common cold.    I know you're not supposed to take antibiotics if you're not really sick, and I am one of the biggest proponents of that, but it is frustrating to feel so awful and leave the clinic with no medicine.  The nurse wanted to give me tylenol with codine, but wasn't sure she could because I am nursing.  It feels like the world is going to stop and my C-section stitches are going to burst right open when I cough.  Good times.
2.  I once again have those pesky superficial blood clots in my legs.  My OB's nurse called yesterday and when I told her about them and how they were getting worse, she insisted I go get them checked with doppler that day.  So, I called Dad, and he drove Dominic and I to the vascular diagnostic center, then to the clinic.  It was a long tiresome day, but I was very appreciative that Dad could help me, as yesterday was John's first day back at work.  The blood clots will all go away on their own, but they stretch up and down the outside of both legs, and continuing up to my groin area.  They are red, hard, and very tender, and I always seem to bump them on a chair as I go by, or Charlotte or Cecilia seem to know just where they are when they try to climb on me.
3.  The breastfeeding is harder than I remembered.  I know I'll get the swing of it, but it's been a tough few days at home.  Most of the time I feel like I have two croquet balls instead of boobs.  Good times.
4.  Someone has called to talk to me about work almost everyday, and I have put in some computer time 3 days so far, including payroll today.  I know plenty of you can't believe I only take a few weeks off, but I'm here to tell you that that seems like a long time to me, and to everyone I work with.  It's not like I'm one of 5 accountants, and the other 4 can just take on a little extra work while I am gone.  I like work, I like to feel needed, and valuable, and like I'm accomplishing something, but with these other medical issues, and such a short amount of time off, it does seem unreasonable on occasion.
5  My body still thinks I'm pregnant.  My belly is still huge.  My ankles and hands are still swollen.  My midriff is still covered in glue from the tape and bandages.  I can't really see my C-section scar or stitches, and it's never, ever a good idea to step on the scale 5 days after having a baby.  Talk about depression.
6.  Thankfully we've had lots of help with the girls.  We're cashing in all our favors.  Cecilia and Charlotte stayed here with John's parents while I was in the hospital, and since then have gone to Amanda's, Dad and Lesa's and are spending today, tonight and tomorrow with Abbey.  It's a little chaotic here with all 5 of us, and this morning I did 4 hours with just me and the three little ones, and with the help of a cartoon or two and my patience when two glasses of water spilled,  it went really well.  And as much as I love and need the help, and the world is turned a little upside down when we're all together, I always miss them when they're gone.  They are sweet girls, and John is like super Dad and super Husband, and I know once we get past all this transition, Dominic will fit right in.  I don't want to wish away his first few days, but I will have to say I'm looking forward to the day when this all seems like second nature. =)

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