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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2 Years

2 years have come and gone on this blog. This blog has changed me a tiny bit. I don't write in my journal much anymore. I have started printing the blog to put in the journal, but that gets expensive as far as color ink goes. I didn't write a Christmas letter this year. You all know what's going on for us, no need to reiterate it through a Christmas letter. The blogging world has opened new friendships, and shed light on friend's worlds, like Robin and Katie.

I started this blog (I think) to be able to talk to you all, without bothering you everyday with phone calls. I started this blog because (I think) I missed my daily conversations with my mom. I started this blog because I felt the need to reach out to girls without actually reaching out and admitting that I missed that female presence in my life. I'm a talker, I talk through problems. I talk about everything and nothing (as this blog has so poignantly pointed out, and John gets so sick of.)

"Blogger" or "Blogspot" has upgraded, and so I have switched this blog to the new version starting tonight. The main difference is the labels at the bottoms of posts, so I can categorize what each post is about. Fascinating. I also plan to steal an idea from Farmgirl and give links back to what was going on last year and the year before.

I did some tallying, and I have a feeling this may add numerous dirty looks coming my way from my husband. I'm going to share them anyway and hope that Mike can somehow convince John it's o.k. for me to post pictures of him. Want to see how many times your mug shows up on this here blog in the past two years?

John 80
Me 42
Sharon 5
Tammy 1
Matt 10
Bart 4
Joe 8
Abbey 4
Mike 1
Gabe 4
Robyn 2
Julie (my niece) 13
Emily 9
Eric 5
Jill 1
Brian 2
Becky 4
Valerie 3
Geri 3
Ross 3
Steve 2
Cori 2
Tom 10
Hannah 11
Sherman 7
T.J. 1
Tabasco 7
Chester 9
Tony Danza 11
Java 11
Sara 17
Chuck 8
Sally 1
Louis 8
Amanda 5
Christy 5
Jerry 3
Dad 6
Lesa 3
Ruthie H. 1
David 2
Helen M. 1
Mom 2
Julie (Sara's sis) 5
Char 9
Natalie 3
Garrett 1
Helen A. 1
Phil 1
Tony 4
Heather 3
Gabriel 2
Seth 1
Will 1

Plus there were many pictures taken of inadminate objects:
Landscape 40
Beer 19
Cardinals 7
Food 19
Marching Band 4
Celebrities 5 (Francis Slay, Rachael Ray, Natalie Portman, They Might Be Giants, George W.)

This list does not include groups of photos that I put on Flickr or Kodak Ophoto. It also does not include videos.

I have made 649 posts which equals 0.9 posts per day.
You have made 1009 comments which equals 1.6 comments per post, and 1.4 comments per day.

Last Year
Two Years Ago

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  • At 8:41 PM, January 17, 2007, Blogger Michael said…

    John, if you think about it out of 649 posts you only appear in 80 of them. If anything, you should demand MORE pictures, you are really being short-changed.

  • At 12:46 PM, January 28, 2007, Blogger SARA =^..^= said…



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