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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Got Nothin'

I've been trying to think of something interesting to say for two weeks now. I know this is the longest blogging break I have taken, especially since I have had ample time to blog. Plus, I hate other people's blog who whine and cry about having nothing to say. Nobody wants to read a post about me having nothing to say. I have worked the past two weekends, and the weeks in between have been very uneventful. I have carried the camera around with me everyday, but it's February in Missouri; not too gorgeous.

We did get ~6 inches of snow this morning, so that puts a nice sheen on the outside world.

John did show me a movie this morning that is circulating the internet about a kitty washing machine that I know Matt would love, but the cat looked to freaked out for it to be really funny.

Hannah had a birthday party, and I'm always good for a picture or two of a beautiful niece, but we didn't go because we had to work.

So, no, Becky, I'm not dead, and I even drug Amanda out and made her comment, but, alas, it's been cold and dreary here and no reason to blog....

I'll leave you with one semi funny story.

A couple years ago at the Senate Dinner I met one of the CEOs of Southwestern Bell, and I had so much to drink that the only thing I could think to say to her was that we had DSL. Harry Kennedy introduced her to me, and I stood there all dumbfounded and said, "um... I have a DSL line." Brilliant. I had a similar situation two weekends ago. I was at the annual Grape and Wine conference, and was introduced to the two ladies that started and own Sauce Magazine and all I could think of to say was that I get my copy of Sauce Magazine every month at the Hartford Coffee Company, and last weekend we were there surrounded by lesbians. I probably said the word lesbians 5 times in three minutes.... I can only hope that those ladies aren't lesbians.

p.s. I'm on fire right now because when I linked to that senate dinner, I found a rather distasteful comment that was posted back in November. Man, I wish I would have found that comment when they left it. I replied back to their stupidity, and am dying to see what happens next, even though it will probably be nothing...Nothing like a little spat to get my blood pumping...

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