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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Last weekend Christy invited me to a lacrosse tournament in Indiana. I'm a sucker for a road trip, so we packed the car and headed east. Tony plays junior varisty lacrosse, and is only a freshman, so that means he's real good. My cousin played lacrosse in college, and I saw one of his games in CA, but other than that, I know nothing about lacrosse. We were supposed to see three games, and I figured that by the end of the weekend, I'd know all there is to know about lacrosse. Instead, something terrible happened. Saturday morning as we were arriving for the first JV game of the weekend, Tony called and said the varsity coach had a heart attack and died, and that they weren't going to play any games this weekend. The coach was only 38. We headed to the hotel, and they had a nice prayer service for him, and then we headed back home. I was disappointed to not see any games, and very sad for everyone involved, but I will say that I had a nice time with Christy in the car. I'm not sure which one of us talks more. ;)

Thursday I finally got to see Tony play a lacrosse game. He did an excellent job. He's such a natural althlete. In the picture above he is in white, number 15, and has the ball in his net thing (not sure what it's called.) He is very aggressive, which dad would like. Dad was always giving my high school boyfriend advice in basketball to get a few fouls early on so they know not to mess with you. I like lacrosse because everyone in the stands knows just about how much I know about lacrosse, which is pretty close to zero. Everyone asks about penalties and what is out of bounds, I feel like I fit right in, because I ask those questions to John at every basketball and football game we attend.



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