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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Back Up

We called for back up on this kitchen project, and they came in, and progress was made. So far today John and I hung one cabinet before they got here, then Joe, Brian, and John hung five more cabinets. Very exciting. The corner cabinet was very heavy, so I'm giving props to my homeboys on that one, and all of them really. Becky and Ruthie and I put two more floor cabinets together, so all the cabinets are together now, they just all need to find a home in their proper place in the kitchen.

So, this is where we stand tonight. All wall cabinets but one hung; the one above the refrigerator. All other cabinets that we have doors for have the doors on them. We had to order a few doors because they didn't have them in stock, but they should be here sometime this week. AND, we even have stuff behind those doors, and that might be the most fun part. It's like unpacking your stuff when you get a new place.

Still plenty to do, so if you are inclined to offer help, we'll gladly accept. We really can't thank Joe and Brian and Becky and Ruthie enough. We've got a busy week in front of us...we'll keep you posted.

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