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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Finally Finished

Cecilia's bedroom has been an ongoing process for us. I think we finally have it finished though. We started here with John painting the room in November of 2007, a month before she was due. Then, she stayed with us in our room in the bassinet until June when we moved her upstairs. In October I showed you the finished rug and started to really hone in on some sort of decorating style. I hung some pictures at that point in time, ordered curtains in January and finally put them up yesterday, 14 months after she was born.

This is where we stand today and I am pretty pleased. I like the green and pink and elephants, but am happy that it's not too "themed." I like the curtains, which is surprising because I always have such a hard time with curtains. I like that the walls are slanted; kind of gives that old attic feeling that comes with old houses. I love the hardwood floors. The rug actually doesn't match all that well, but I still like it in there.

You can imagine we are in no hurry to start on the next baby's room. She will spend most of the summer in the bassinet in our room, and then probably move into the other room upstairs. That room is very similar to Cecila's room, only longer and has a stained glass window that faces the street. We plan on borrowing a crib, and who knows what kind of bedding we'll choose. It's funny to think about because when you are pregnant with your first child, you have to have everything perfect before they get there- the bed, high chair, exersaucer, etc, and with the second child you realize that you don't need all that stuff the instant you walk into your house with your newborn. I do still feel like there is more prepping that needs to be done for this next child. I made a list and am working through it, but none of it involves her bedroom.

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