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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking Through Patient Eyes

Here's the pictures from the Christmas card. I love the individual ones, but I really think I like the one of the two girls together that Anne took in Chicago better than this one of both girls. Christy came and helped me wrangle the girls during the photo shoot, and Cecilia had a meltdown right there in front of God and everyone while they were taking Charlotte's picture. She doesn't like to share the spotlight.
Here's the sleeping update. I guess as soon as we seek help, advice is given and works. I think we lapsed as much as Cecilia did. I called the pediatrician yesterday and he said to lay her down like normal, and do not hold her hand, and leave the room and if she cries, let her cry for 20-30 minutes before going back up there. Those 20 minutes seemed like a lifetime, it's much harder to listen to her cry now that she has words. You can look at my tweets for the replay from last night. We did finally get her down, and tonight she made one little peep, but that's it. I guess I knew the whole time not to stand there and hold her hand, but it's just so endearing and irresistible. Here's hoping the hard work is behind us. Charlotte is another story, but we're working on her too. This parenting is hard work!
Thanks for the advice Cori. I think Cecilia might be too young for a chart, but I love the idea and might incorporate it for other things, like, oh pretty much anything really. She's been really hard to deal with too, everything is a battle. Not sure if the terrible twos are in full swing, 4 days after she turned 2, or I'm hoping instead that it's a lack of sleep that has made her relatively unbearable. God give me the serenity to deal with a 2 year old.

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  • At 10:40 PM, December 31, 2009, Blogger Emily said…

    Oh, I'm right there with you on the sleep issue. Ella was doing well until I blogged about how well she was doing. Now, we're back to square one again. And during the day, terrible / terrific twos are in full swing! I'm just hanging onto the saying, "This too shall pass." Hang in there!

    Sweet, sweet pictures of your girls.


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