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Monday, January 01, 2007

A New Year

In looking at last year's goals which were a big joke, I actually accomplished a few of them. Maybe the point is not to make yourself better, but instead to make reasonable goals that you can actually achieve. I accomplished #1 and #2, which is kind of sad given that the goals were supposed to be funny. Christy thought they were serious, and maybe she knows me better than I know myself.

This year I have two goals, and they kind of cancel each other out, so it should be an interesting year. It is not within the realm of possibility that I could achive both, but not likely.

Goal #1 To lose weight.
Goal #2 To get pregnant.

Those of you who know me are not surprised about goal #2 (or goal #1 for that matter, God, Elaine, you cow.) I know in the wee beginnings of this blog I was confused on this issue, but John and I have made up our minds that we hope a baby is in our future. Could be easier said than done, but I let you in on my little secret, it's in writing now, I have shared this with you. This is not a new hope for John and I, just one that I hope can come true in 2007.

We had a good time hanging out with friends last night. I like casual, low key evenings at home with friends. Sara, Chuck, Julie and Char spent the night, and our house was so quiet and boring when they left. =( John started a beer today, the first one since the pumpkin beer on tap at the Halloween Party. He got a 55 pound bag of barley for Christmas, so this was his first all grain homebrew. It took longer, and was more work, but it is cheaper, and should be better quality. He is making a brown ale, similar to Newcastle. We'll let you know in a month how it turns out.

I hope the best for 2007 for all of you! Don't forget to eat your pickled herring today!

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