It's time to lose your mind and let the crazy out.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Believe This is Heaven To No One Else But Me

The kids are napping, I turn on the Pandora for a little music therapy.  It's not a bad day, just not a great one.  I'm not particularly unhappy, just not feeling my groove.  I turn on the Sarah McLachlan station, hoping for some solace.  The first song that comes on is Elsewhere by Sarah herself.

This song used to be my theme song, circa 1994.  I was on my own in a dorm room at Mizzou, dating a guy my parents didn't like, but I was far away from them, making my own decisions, going at my own pace, in my own direction.

I often say that I need to give my children wings.  I feel that is the point of parenting.  I also think it might be the hardest part of parenting.  Not the diaper changing, the temper tantrums at the PTA meetings.  It's the "wings" part that is the most important, and possibly the most challenging.

And so, I have to give myself wings.  That which I wish to impart, I also need to embrace.