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Thursday, August 31, 2006

dew in the morning


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Amanda and I canned salsa last night.

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How does your garden grow?


Thursday, August 24, 2006

This is a tree I pass often, and I like it because it looks like a tree that belongs in California. I think it's some sort of pine. I picture it close to the coast, maybe near Bodega Bay, close to Sonoma. Just over the hill could be the ocean. (in reality it's a corn field)

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Martinis and Play Dates

After three (or was it four?) raspberry martinis last night at Aunt Donna's all the clothing and posing seemed so funny. I still think it's funny, but also a little over the top. (can you hang out with Aunt Donna without getting swept up in her 'over-the-top-ness?') In the sober light of day the whole post from last night seems ridiculous. I mean what was I doing lying on the floor? (To be fair, I'm pretty sure it was my idea to get on the floor in the first place.)

On a totally unrelated note, I was supposed to go over to Joe and Amanda's tonight for dinner, but then cancelled because I had to work late. But, Hannah left the cutest message on my machine at work asking me to bring over my Hermit crabs so they could have a play date with their Hermit crabs (also bought on vacation.) I think I will keep that message for quite some time.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tonight I went to Aunt Donna's house to try on clothes. Aunt Donna is something else, hard to explain, but to know her is to love her. She is moving to Florida next year, so she is slowing emptying her house, and wanted me to come over and look through her summer clothes. Some were exquisite, some I took home, some made me laugh so hard, and others did not make the trip from her house to mine. Here is a sampling of the evening's finest. ;)

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Next year's Halloween costume; Genie.

Snow Bunny

This years' Halloween costume; cat woman, mime, the list is endless.

This is the 80's look to the max. (Max Headroom?) I did not keep this outfit.

Monday, August 21, 2006

What It Holds For Her, She Hasn't Yet Guessed

Abbey starts college today. I find myself thinking a lot about her lately. (I think she reads this blog every once in a while, 'hi Abbey!') I also find myself thinking about my own college experience. She has so much in front of her, so much to learn, and my sister and her husband have given her a good foundation. Now is her turn to build upon that foundation a life of her own. How scary, but how cool all at the same time. I didn't ponder my own life, or the big picture, when I went to Mizzou. I was just so happy to get out of Ste. Genevieve, and Marching Band kept me so busy, there was no time to look back.

Recently I clicked on a link to the "New Ivy League Colleges" and was reminded of one of my old fantasies; going to school at Colby College. When you are a senior in high school, colleges from all over send you information. I have always been attracted to Maine, and although I never applied, and never really gave it much thought about actually attending school there, it was a fun idea in my head. Colby is now a "new ivy league" and who's to say if I would have even been accepted. It is now a very international school, and something like 70% of all students enrolled there attend school abroad. Wonder what I would be like if I had gone there instead? Would I have studied in a foreign country? Would I have very culturally diverse friends? Would I be me? It's interesting to think that one decision could change you in such ways.

I had a dream the other night that I actually went back to college. Everytime I go to Mizzou to visit Sally and Jill, I dream of my beer drinking, nap taking days there. In my dream I was 30, and I lived with Katie, my terrible roomate in Fresno, who we affectionately called "Katie the Lady" (another story for another day.) I can remember asking myself "How is John going to be able to keep our house while I am at school?" Katie the Lady said she had a job at Houlihans (there is no Houlihans in Fresno.) I said, "Oh I have to get one of those kind of jobs?"

I am happy where I am. I don't wish I went to school at Colby, and I don't wish I was back in college. I do wish the best for Abbey, though, and I do wish I could explain to her that all of life's possibilities are spread before her.

And as I heard Christy tell Abbey (and Tony) to put on sunscreen all through vacation, I think of this song:

Baz Luhrmann - Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)
Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of ’99 If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience…I will dispense this advice now.
Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth; oh nevermind; you will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they have faded. But trust me, in 20 years you’ll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked….You’re not as fat as you imagine.
Don’t worry about the future; or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind; the kind that blindside you at 4pm on some idle Tuesday.
Do one thing everyday that scares you
Don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts, don’t put up with people who are reckless with yours.
Don’t waste your time on jealousy; sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind…the race is long, and in the end, it’s only with yourself.
Remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults; if you succeed in doing this, tell me how.
Keep your old love letters, throw away your old bank statements.
Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you want to do with your life…the most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives, some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still don’t.
Get plenty of calcium.
Be kind to your knees, you’ll miss them when they’re gone.
Maybe you’ll marry, maybe you won’t, maybe you’ll have children,maybe you won’t, maybe you’ll divorce at 40, maybe you’ll dance the funky chicken on your 75th wedding anniversary…what ever you do, don’t congratulate yourself too much or berate yourself either – your choices are half chance, so are everybody else’s. Enjoy your body, use it every way you can…don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own..
Dance…even if you have nowhere to do it but in your own living room.
Read the directions, even if you don’t follow them.
Do NOT read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly.
Get to know your parents, you never know when they’ll be gone for good.
Be nice to your siblings; they are the best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future.
Understand that friends come and go,but for the precious few you should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle because the older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were young.
Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard; live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft.
Accept certain inalienable truths, prices will rise, politicians will philander, you too will get old, and when you do you’ll fantasize that when you were young prices were reasonable, politicians were noble and children respected their elders.
Respect your elders.
Don’t expect anyone else to support you. Maybe you have a trust fund, maybe you have a wealthy spouse; but you never know when either one might run out.
Don’t mess too much with your hair, or by the time you're 40, it will look 85.
Be careful whose advice you buy, but, be patient with those who supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth.
But trust me on the sunscreen…

Saturday, August 19, 2006

More pictures of crabs than you ever wanted to see...

These pictures are all of the same crab, Pawley. The other crab, Murrell doesn't come out and play much, or ever. I think this is Pawley's attack mode.

Java being curious... I felt like the floors were "too shiny" to properly take this picture. By the way, have I ever told you that our floors are shiny?

Friday, August 18, 2006

My New Favorite Blog

I am ever in search of a blog that draws me in so much that I check it everyday. For over a year I have been into Dooce and her stay-at-home-mom-ex-Mormon point of view, and a couple months ago I came across Amalah another stay at home mom in D.C. It's possible that neither of these girls appeal to me more than my new favorite blog Farm Girl. Farm Girl (I think her real name is Sue) lived in California, then up and moved and bought a farm in southern Missouri. She won't say exactly what town she lives near. It's possible she has three blogs; a recipe/foodie/cookbook type blog, the farm girl blog, and the blog about her first experiences on her farm. All of them are right up my alley. Even though I know that odds are that if I actually met Farm Girl, we'd probably be nothing like each other, it's fun to be able to check in everyday on someone who could be remotely like me, only loads more interesting.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Reunited with the t.v.

This dish network thing is the bomb. So many good shows are on the t.v., and that's not including what is recorded on the DVR. We have 95 shows recorded, and 34 of them are Rachael Ray programs.

John asked the other day, "how did we ever live without this?"

Tuesday, August 15, 2006



Monday, August 14, 2006

I like this picture because it looks like it was taken in Canada or somewhere like that, and instead it was taken in Ste. Genevieve. I think it's his hat that I am drawn to. Have you ever seen that episode of That 70's Show when they go to Canada to get beer? It's very funny. There's a line where they get caught by the Canadian police and are asked, "what is your business in Canada?" and the stoner guy (Tommy Chong) replies back to the cop, "What's YOUR business in Canada?" Makes me laugh everytime.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

"We grow them big in Missouri." This is one of the funniest pictures I have taken in awhile; Char with the gigantic zucchini we grew at the farm.

Friday, August 11, 2006

6 Years Ago Today...

John proposed to me. What a great day that was. ;)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

When You Get Drunk I'll Be The Wine....

I wrote about this over on the winery blog and because there really are only 3 people that look at that blog, I thought it was worthy of a mention here also.

On Friday morning I was interviewed on the Martha Stewart Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio. I talked to Lauren Pressley on the Morning Living Program. I talked about how to make wine out of fresh blackberries that are ripe now. I also plugged the website , talked about Jour de Fete, Fresno State, all sorts of goodies. They are sending me a copy of the interview, so maybe I'll post it here.

There is also a nice mention of us in an article in Sauce Magazine talking about fruit wines.

There's nothing like a little flattering free publicity to put anyone in a good mood. ;)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Christy and Abbey Singing Kereoke

Aren't they cute?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Isn't he cute?