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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Gifts From Ex-Boyfriends

Lesa's brother's wife, Barbara, recently visited a winery in North Carolina that one of her friends owns. At that winery, Shelton Vineyards, she met Mathew, who is the winemaker. In their conversation he found out that she was from Missouri, and asked if she knew me. Then he sent 3 bottles of wine with her for me. She said he had no problem charging her for wine, but sent 3 bottles to me free. We opened the Cab last night, it was very nice. John even drank some, which I didn't think he would.

Thinking back on those Fresno times...Mathew and I were off and on more than two people should have been allowed to be off and on. He was the one guy in the program that dressed anything like I was used to boys dressing. He was from CA, but spent some time in a winery somewhere in New England. He wore big sweater turtlenecks, and jeans, and boots, while all the other boys were wearing black leather jackets and sunglasses. I watch the Real World on MTV, and I am so happy that I was not videotaped 24/7 when I was 22 years old. I made a lot of wrong choices, changed directions, and was very emotional. I feel so grounded now compared to that version of myself. A little while after I graduated, Mathew worked with another girl from our program and asked her for my info. She asked me if that was o.k., and I can clearly remember telling her that Mathew and I had good times and bad times, but the bad outweighed the good, and I'd rather she didn't share it with him. Now when I think about him, I can remember him fondly. Funny how time (or free wine) can heal things.

Friday, April 29, 2005

The First of Two Band Banquets

Last night John and I attended the Ste. Gen Band Banquet. Everyone was real nice. They introduced us at the beginning of the night. I felt the old familiar Ste. Gen "who is that?" which interprets as "we don't like anyone we don't know" stare. Mr. C was the nicest he's ever been to me. We had kettle beef, one of my favorites, and John has decided these are his kind of people. Bayless is not inviting their new band director to their band banquet, don't want to expose him too soon. I always leave the Bayless Band Banquet embarrassed, and shocked at some of the things the kids say while at the podium giving out senior awards. Thankfully, I did not feel like that last night. Seems like a good sign.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

This is John last year in Chicago

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Wednesday JPOD This is a picture from Christmas Eve. It's too bright, but I still like the look on John's face.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Aren't They Precious?

Eric, Julie and Emily (giving me the Girl Scout gesture) at Grant's Farm. John's not in this picture, sorry Mike.

Living, Breathing, Snot-Producing Birth Control

This past weekend, John and I babysat my brother Matt's, and his wife Sharon's, three kids, Eric 11, Emily 6 and Julie 4. It was for the most part a lot of fun.

Eric had a swimming lesson Saturday morning, then we went to Culvers for lunch, and then to Grant's Farm. Grant's Farm is a lot of fun, even for grown ups because they have free beer. I especially like bottle feeding the baby goats. The kids (maybe I should say children) liked it a little less than me. Eric climbed the fence, Emily wouldn't even go in the pen (as you can see her and John on the outside of the fence feeding the goat in the picture) and Julie gave her bottle up to one tiny little goat that carried it around triumphantly. After Grant's Farm we headed to McDonald's Playplace, struggled at Blockbuster trying to find three movies the five of us could agree on, went back to Matt and Sharon's house, watched Sponge Bob Square Pants, Spy Kids 3-D, and I fell asleep before we could watch Ray.

On Sunday we woke up, ate scrambled eggs with cheese, went to Church where Julie has bible study, Emily goes to some special place during the gospel, and Eric asked before the first reading, "is it almost time to go?" Then we headed out to the Zoo. They were all happy Nascar was not on (Eric especially) because he would have rather stayed home and watched the race. John and I had to raise our hands at least 5 times in the minivan to verify that we did not like Dale Earnhart Jr. (I'm pretty sure Julie says Durnhart Jr.) The Zoo was awesome, the kids loved the penguins, and the carousel, and some big yak like thing chasing this little deer like thing. On the way home, the kids wanted to go to McDonald's again, and John told them we were taking them to the dentist, then to the doctor to get shots, and then to Bangladesh so they could work in a sweat shop and make Nike shoes all day long. At one point in the minivan they were chanting "McDonald's, McDonald's" and John and I were chanting, "Bangladesh, Bangladesh."

My favorite parts of the weekend were when Eric told me he wants to go to Purdue and be an engineer to design a hover car, when Julie told me she loved me twice, when I got to drive the minivan (I became protective-good-driving-mom like driver) when Emily and Julie let me put their hair in ponytails, and when Emily told me she wished John and I could be there everyday because she was having so much fun. The worst part of the weekend was when I was holding Julie, waiting for the zookeeper to feed the sea lions, and she sneezed on me like five times. My hair and jacket were slimed. Then I put her down, and she wiped her nose on the back on John's jacket.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday JPOD, story about our weekend coming soon.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday JPOD-laugh your ass off.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

We went to the baseball game last night. We bought the TGIF 4-pack for John's birthday, so we have tickets to a Friday night game in April, May June and July. It was so cold last night, I think I should get "Wife of the Day" award because John doesn't like to leave before the game is over. I haven't been that cold since deer season. The good news is we won, 8-7. Go Cards.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Friday JPOD, reading the hydrometer

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Push It

John and I have decided that when I get pregnant, and we're in the delivery room, he's going to play "Push It Real Good" on the tuba.

Finding all my "John action shots." This is him making the 2nd place beer, measuring the specific gravity. Going to try to have a "John Picture of the Day" (JPOD)

Cat Nap

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Yum, smoke.

John Action Shots

I Forgot One

Here's another short story, or more accurately titled, "Funny Things John Says."

Tony Danza is a lot more loving now, rolling around on the floor waiting for me to rub his belly, and he snuggles a lot more. John does not want this to go on the record that boys are nicer after they have been neutered.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

One Liners

I had a couple funny things said to me recently, not enough to make an entire post, so I thought I'd put them together for a short post.

While I was in San Bernadino, I had sushi. I went to the restaurant by myself, something I have never done before. I sat at the sushi bar, and the sushi chef was a very funny lady named Teresa (not her real name as she was from Taiwan.) Anyway, the funniest story she told was, "a man came into her restaurant, and said, 'let me see your Yellowtail.' She said, ' I'm flattered, but I don't think you want to see my yellow tail.'"

We bought a new cash register at the winery, and John set it up last weekend. It will keep track of inventory, and scan bar codes, it's really awesome. It works off of Quick Books. While John was on the phone with the company to set it up, they asked him, "Are you the IT guy for the Sainte Genevieve Winery ?" He said, "No, I'm the son-in-law that can turn on a computer."

John make THE BEST pizza, the crust is perfect, and the toppings are never generic.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cream Ale

John and I started the cream ale on Friday night. It is fermenting as we speak. This time, it is not in the bedroom. Even though I've never had a cream ale, it sounds really good, and creamy. I picture it to be kind of straw colored, with a frothy head, and smooth taste.

Finished sparging

Steeping the cream ale grains

Friday, April 15, 2005

Things You Won't See in Missouri

I'm back. I had a great time. I sat on a panel with Bill from New Zealand who is the winemaker at Paraduxx Winery in Napa, and Etienne, winemaker at Mount Palomar Winery in Temecula. We tasted Sauvignon Blanc for the Kiwi, and Native American, and French Hybrids for me. We also tasted Cabernet Franc, which I tasted at the New World International Wine Competition also. The best wine of the competition, the sweepstakes winner, was the Cabernet Franc that we chose, Kendall Jackson Cabernet Franc 2001 Napa Grand Reserve. According to the website, this wine isn't for sale right now. Hmm...

I mostly went from the judging to the hotel, so I didn't get any spectacular pictures, but I took a few that I found amusing. These are things that I like about CA that MO doesn't have, and never will.

We're brewing the cream ale tonight, will post pictures of that soon.

Climb Every Mountain

Let's Blow This Taco Stand

Carl's Jr.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Out Of It

I will once again be out of town for a couple days to judge wine. It's a tough job. This is the first time I will judging at this competition, the Pacific Rim Wine Competition. I will be back on Friday with more California stories and pictures and wine recommendations. Here's a link to an article written about how the judging works. Article

Monday, April 11, 2005

You Know You're A Girl Living With A Boy When

you have Gold Bond in your house.


John's beer is so tasty. He joined a beer makers club here in St. Louis called the St. Louis Brews and they meet every first Thursday of the month. On last Thursday, they had a competition, and John's beer came in 2nd out of 13 beers. He would have tied for first if he would have voted for himself because the winner got 6 votes, and John got 4 votes. He was pretty excited, and I was very proud.

The next beer is going to be a cream ale. I can't wait.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Break It Down For Me Fellas

Did they just say "Bust a Tunic?" First of all, what does that mean? Second of all, do they have any idea what kind of music they are massacring? This is serious, they should have huge reverence for Bust A Move. It's by far one of my favorite all time songs (don't make fun, it's a truly good song!)

Who do I need to talk to about this? I just faxed a letter to my senator for the first time ever. Do you think he has pull with the Old Navy advertising?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Do you think AB will pay me for this product placement?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I am happy to say I came in third in the Basketball tournament bracket. John did beat me, but I beat Mike, and that makes all the difference, especially since he started talking smack weeks ago. Ha, Ha, Mike I beat you, and I know NOTHING about basketball. (I am a terrible gloater.)


I'm fairly sure I changed the settings so you can comment without signing up for your own blog. You can click on the "comments," then click the "anonymous" circle, instead of logging on. Of course, then I don't know who said what, unless you put your name on the comment, but in theory, I could have more comments. =) This isn't tried and true, actually no one has tried it yet, and blogspot is relatively unreliable, even from this side, but, nonetheless, I did all I could to change it from my side. Of course, long time commenters like Mike and Amanda are exempt, they are my favorite commentors (keep sending them!) This message is for the rest of you, you know who you are.

Monday, April 04, 2005

All Bound For Moo Moo Land

We started our spring garden. The garden always seems like such a good idea in early April, but in late June the weeds take over and it's so hot. We plant at the farm, because our yard is the size of a postage stamp. John did plant hops though, at our house, and will post pictures of the hops as soon as they appear from under the ground. We started this year with reckless abandon and planted like 14 things already. We put in a strawberry patch, and the asparagus is coming up.

Plus, also, Joe is building a treehouse, or maybe I should say tree mansion. Hannah and Tom had a good time hammering.

Late in the Afternoon

The Beginning

Saturday, April 02, 2005


John and I have a new favorite place to be in St. Louis. Luckily for me, the half of us that likes to go out more, it's not our sofa. It's a new wine bar located on Grand, actually blocks away from our house (o.k., maybe 30 blocks) called Erato. We have been there three times so far.

The first time was by ourselves, on a week night. We met the owners, it was nice. I had a champagne that I drank out of a straw, and John had the Paulaner Hefeweizen that tastes like bananas and cloves. John went again, once without me, because they saved beer bottles for him. Then we went about a month ago with new friends, Steve Millett and Debbie Monterrey.

We went again last Saturday. Met my long lost cousin, Phil, and his wife Helen there. I like saying "long lost cousin." Phil is my mom's first cousin's son. I think he's my second cousin, but John thinks he my first cousin, once removed. The reason why he's long and lost is because I never knew he existed until we lived in the same apartment building. He's lots of fun, he was an usher in our wedding. Helen is awesome too. They have Tony Danza and Chester's brother.

This Blogs sucks

It keep messing up stuff, and I'm having a hard time making it show what I'm writing. Frustrating.

Friday, April 01, 2005

"I Like Big Butts

and I can not lie." That's the song Tom sang to me on Tuesday when I babysat. I couldn't believe it, I thought it was so funny. He only knows the first line, which is good. I'm pretty sure 5 year old boys are not supposed to be able to recite that song, at least for another year or two. Hannah asked me if she thought one of her Little People was pretty. I said yes.

During dinner, Tom was telling a story, and in between every third word he says, "and Guess What?" John kept saying, "chickenbutt," which Tom ignored at first. Then Tom started rubbing John's arm, and his arm hair while he was telling his story. After about the tenth "chickenbutt" Tom told John that he said a bad word. I was laughing. Plus, Hannah says "plus, also" about a hundred times. Last time we visited, Hannah told me her favorite food was broccoli stems. These kids are so distembles (Hannah's made up spanish word meaning "silly.")