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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brown Flowers Collection

You know that part where I said I wasn't going to buy any bedding for the new baby for awhile? I lied. Saw this cute set at Target this morning and bought it. It was cheaper and better looking than anything I had seen so far. Fun.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last ultrasound for awhile

I had another ultrasound yesterday. This is a picture of her face, you can see her eyes, and mouth pretty well in this photo. Who is to say what she'll really look like, but she looks similar to Cecilia at this point. Both these ultrasounds happened at 34 weeks. To me, this baby looks chubbier, her cheeks look fuller, and that makes sense because while Cecilia was 5 pounds 1 ounce at this time, this baby is 5 pounds 15 ounces. They are estimating she will weigh ~8 1/2 pounds when she is born. This baby is transverse, which means she is lying side to side instead of head down. The doctor said we'll give her a couple weeks to see if she'll move into the proper position. If not, we can try to move her, or not worry about it if I have a scheduled C-section. I know I am tired of being pregnant, and this pregnancy is much more uncomfortable to me, but I'm not sure having this baby in my arms is going to be easier.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Little Cutie

Monday, March 23, 2009


The game was very close yesterday, but a Win is a Win. On to the Sweet 16 we go!

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The little movie thing won't let me put captions by the pictures. I like that thing, but I don't like it. Maybe this isn't the best time to use it.

The plumbing project is finished- John is a genius. In the first picture you can see he ripped out part of the wall behind the kitchen sink and dishwasher to get to the old metal corroded pipe in the wall. Then he bought all new PVC pipe at Home Depot and installed it, glued it, and it works. Then he put the dishwasher back in and the disposal back on, and I have already ran the dishwasher once tonight. We are back in business. There are a couple pictures I threw in there of Cecilia- she was trying hard to "help."

Not exactly how he pictured spending his one free weekend in months, but that's life in an old house.

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Weekend Plumbing Project

Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm A Plumber Part 2

Last week we found tons of water leaking down the wall in the basement. You can see in the second picture a crack in the foundation and brown water spots dripping all below it. In the top picture John is demolishing the plaster so he could see where the leakage was. So, here lies our weekend project. Although I think he makes a cute plumber he is not looking forward to being a plumber.

Updates, curse words, and many trips to Home Depot to follow.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Warm Weather+ New Outfit+Husband Working Late=Photo shoot at the Park

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Monday, March 16, 2009

Expanding Her R'epertoire

I had a small blog funk there. I think I'm going to blame it on the weather. If any of your read the winery blog I was into winter for awhile. I am still one of the few people who actually does like winter, but maybe even for me those cold days get long. Anyways, I have lots to share with you now, starting with these cute pictures of Cecilia eating. We are slowly but surely growing out of the grapes and cheese phase that we have been stuck in for months. She now eats apples, which I think is so cute when she holds it herself. She likes to take bites now, instead of having everything cut up tiny. I guess she wants to use her teeth. She's been eating bananas for awhile, but now she likes to hold it and eat it too. She got burnt out on bananas and mandarin oranges for awhile, it's hard not to give her the same foods everyday when she only eats 8 things. She eats pineapple now, and ham, and she'll at least try a lot of foods she wouldn't dare try before. I've mentioned here before that I probably obsess about what she puts in her mouth, but I think we've turned a real corner here.

In other news, I think we've passed the worst of the separation anxiety. We had a good 8 months there of super clingy baby, but now I am happy to say I can walk in the other room without her screaming. I suspect it will get worse after the new baby comes, but I'd like to think and hope and pray that the peak is behind us.

Also, she says a few words now, which is lots of fun. I'll try to get a video. She says "eye" and "uh-oh" and something that sounds like kitty, teeth, ball, Dad, up and down. I'm ready for her to say more, like "I'd like more milk please" or nice things like that, but I know with more words learned she'll soon enough be texting me instead of actually looking me in the eye and communicating.

Last but not least, the winners of the Hat or Not Hat contest are Gavin and William both receiving 3 votes each out of 12. Maybe next year I'll have a prize.

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Monday, March 09, 2009


Some of mom's stuff has slowly but surely been divvied up in the past year or more, and while I am happy with all my mom's things, there are a few that I think are pretty cool, including this hat box and the goodies inside. You can see the hat box on the top of the bookcase in Cecilia's room. The pink matches well. The only people I have shown this to is the Sutters, and while I was sharing it I got the feeling they weren't the best people to share my excitement about my grandma's fur hats because they love animals more than anyone I know. Now, we all know I love animals, but Sue Sutter just put on her facebook page that she is mourning a roach. No one but the Sutters mourn roaches. Anyway, I love the box, love it's contents, and although I never plan to wear any of them, they bring me much pleasure dreaming of an era gone by.


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Feeling 10 months pregnant

Anybody ever use one of those maternity support belts? I'm feeling so exhausted lately, and feel like this belly is weighing me down like a ton of bricks. Every step is work, stairs are nearly impossible, and everytime I hold Cecilia she just pushes he further into the ground. The doctor said I am carrying this baby low, so that's why I have so much extra pelvic pressure. I feel like the pelvic bone that connects my two legs is going to break. It's not such a good feeling. This baby is kicking my ass. In theory that maternity belt helps support the weight of my belly...just wondering if it really works.


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Finally Finished

Cecilia's bedroom has been an ongoing process for us. I think we finally have it finished though. We started here with John painting the room in November of 2007, a month before she was due. Then, she stayed with us in our room in the bassinet until June when we moved her upstairs. In October I showed you the finished rug and started to really hone in on some sort of decorating style. I hung some pictures at that point in time, ordered curtains in January and finally put them up yesterday, 14 months after she was born.

This is where we stand today and I am pretty pleased. I like the green and pink and elephants, but am happy that it's not too "themed." I like the curtains, which is surprising because I always have such a hard time with curtains. I like that the walls are slanted; kind of gives that old attic feeling that comes with old houses. I love the hardwood floors. The rug actually doesn't match all that well, but I still like it in there.

You can imagine we are in no hurry to start on the next baby's room. She will spend most of the summer in the bassinet in our room, and then probably move into the other room upstairs. That room is very similar to Cecila's room, only longer and has a stained glass window that faces the street. We plan on borrowing a crib, and who knows what kind of bedding we'll choose. It's funny to think about because when you are pregnant with your first child, you have to have everything perfect before they get there- the bed, high chair, exersaucer, etc, and with the second child you realize that you don't need all that stuff the instant you walk into your house with your newborn. I do still feel like there is more prepping that needs to be done for this next child. I made a list and am working through it, but none of it involves her bedroom.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Let's Try This Again

Hat or Not Hat Compendium

It has come to my attention that kids are really good at playing Hat or Not Hat. I thought it was a funny little game John and his friends thought up in college. I guess the mentality of college boys and small children are very similar. I shouldn't be surprised.

I put together this little slide show video, and now that February is over, it's time to vote. Will was the only one who actually had 100% Hat, but is that how you're placing your vote? Is the question, "Whose 'hat' is most like a hat?" or is the question, "Who is the most creative?" or do you have some other way of answering this complex question. =)