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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

If you're not watching

Dancing With The Stars, you are missing out. I think it's my favorite tv show right now. I could watch Emmit Smith do the waltz in a tux, and Mario Lopez dance the Tango all night long. I like the fact that they dance to pop songs. John doesn't like this aspect, but I kind of like the idea of dancing the cha cha to Michael Jackson's "Bad."

While we were in Germany, we realized that all the Germans ballroom dance. At the wedding, some of the guests gave the bride and groom presents that they had to work for. For example, someone gave Susanne and Dietmar a bowl of blue jello in a beach scene, with little beach chairs and beach balls, and stuck in the jello was a 50 euro bill. One of the games we played that had to do with a present included ballroom dancing. Random guests were given keys, some for girls and some for guys. I took a key, not knowing the game. John and Ron took keys also. Then Susanne and Dietmar had to ask guests to dance, dance a few jigs, and then ask for a key. Then they took the key and tried to open a box that held money. It was mayhem. Susanne and Dietmar politely acted like they wanted to dance with their partner, waiting a small amount of time and then rushing to the box to use their new key, and then the whole room laughed when the key didn't work. Once I learned I was going to have to ballroom dance to participate, I gave my key to Susanne's sister in law, Heike. She ended up having the right key to open the box. It was a lot of fun, but kind of sad to watch all the Germans dance on the dance floor and not be able to participate. Susanne parents, young and old alike all out there doing the foxtrot or whatever. The band they hired tried to play a few America songs for us, and the only one I can remember was Rocky Mountain High. We did what they expected and got out on the floor and tried to dance. The young Germans tried to free style dance, and they kept looking at us, and we were trying (I don't know what Ron and John were doing) to look like we knew how to dance to Rocky Mountain High. Should have videotaped that.

I think my mom would have liked Dancing With The Stars. She loved all the old musicals, and we watched a lot of Solid Gold together. Good times.

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  • At 9:03 PM, November 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Aw, I haven't kept up with that show much this year either, but I always like all the Fred Astaire movies I used to watch with my grandpa. I'm glad ballroom is making a comeback!


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