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Sunday, June 24, 2007

17 days since I've posted. June seems to be a really busy month for us. I don't have a really good response, like we are refinishing our hardwood floors, or have tons of visitors; I guess we're just busy. We did have Aunt Linda come to town, which was awesome and a lot of us did the Race for the Cure this year. Somehow I managed to take zero pictures of Aunt Linda, which bums me out now.

Friday we had another Game Night

and we celebrated Sara's birthday.

Becky's daughter, Ruthie is so cute and well behaved. She did a great job drawing us all pictures at the Indian restaurant, and had fun showing me all around Becky's new renovated house. While we were in Becky's bathroom, Ruthie shows me the makeup and says, "this is where mommy puts on her makeup." Then Ruthie grabs a can of Oust and says, "this is what mommy likes me to spray when she farts." Priceless.

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