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Monday, March 16, 2009

Expanding Her R'epertoire

I had a small blog funk there. I think I'm going to blame it on the weather. If any of your read the winery blog I was into winter for awhile. I am still one of the few people who actually does like winter, but maybe even for me those cold days get long. Anyways, I have lots to share with you now, starting with these cute pictures of Cecilia eating. We are slowly but surely growing out of the grapes and cheese phase that we have been stuck in for months. She now eats apples, which I think is so cute when she holds it herself. She likes to take bites now, instead of having everything cut up tiny. I guess she wants to use her teeth. She's been eating bananas for awhile, but now she likes to hold it and eat it too. She got burnt out on bananas and mandarin oranges for awhile, it's hard not to give her the same foods everyday when she only eats 8 things. She eats pineapple now, and ham, and she'll at least try a lot of foods she wouldn't dare try before. I've mentioned here before that I probably obsess about what she puts in her mouth, but I think we've turned a real corner here.

In other news, I think we've passed the worst of the separation anxiety. We had a good 8 months there of super clingy baby, but now I am happy to say I can walk in the other room without her screaming. I suspect it will get worse after the new baby comes, but I'd like to think and hope and pray that the peak is behind us.

Also, she says a few words now, which is lots of fun. I'll try to get a video. She says "eye" and "uh-oh" and something that sounds like kitty, teeth, ball, Dad, up and down. I'm ready for her to say more, like "I'd like more milk please" or nice things like that, but I know with more words learned she'll soon enough be texting me instead of actually looking me in the eye and communicating.

Last but not least, the winners of the Hat or Not Hat contest are Gavin and William both receiving 3 votes each out of 12. Maybe next year I'll have a prize.

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